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A Servant's Heart

A Servant's Heart

"Can I help you?"

A common question heard often in daily life, perhaps at a supermarket or place of business. In contexts outside of the customer service cliché, the act of lending a hand is not so easy or simple; a moment of need, big or small, rarely comes at a convenient time. Yet we can all identify those individuals who seem to give with ease, with grace. What fuels their actions? For some, faith in God may motivate a servant spirit. For others, strong conviction may generate selfless devotion to a cause. For most of us, the ways we serve are more ordinary, but no less profound - we give to those closest to us, in relationship with family and friends.

This inaugural concert program of the all-professional TPCP Chamber Singers offers repertoire that examines the many faces of service and facets of a servant’s heart, in whatever form they may come.

Featuring Duluth organist Tom Hamilton on works by Herbert Howells, Arvo Pärt, and Anton Bruckner and further repertoire by Nathan Carter, Alma Androzzo, Gustav Ernesaks, Thabo Matshego, Undine Smith Moore, Marshall Bartholomew, Benedict Sheehan, Deke Sharon, Christopher Theofanidis, and Shawn Kirchner.

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